Answer your calls with human-level AI

Pam integrates with your organization to give callers what they need, allowing you to focus on higher impact work

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Pam is built for you

Expert on your organization

Integrates with your organization and gives users the information they need at any time.

Available 24/7

Answer every call all the time. No more wait times!

Automated workflows

Automate scheduling, process payments, and more, giving users what they need faster.

Multilingual capability

Capable of understanding and conversing in dozens of languages.

Easy admin

Self-service from day one

Pam is designed to be easy-to-use from the moment you sign on and allows you to configure everything in one place with no training required.


Voice customization

Pam offers voice-change features that let you toggle with features like tone, accent, language, and more.

Simplified Analytics

See your calls in one place

Pam allows you to view your call analytics in one place, helping you better understand your users and their usecases.

Frequently asked questions

How does Pam work?

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Pam uses AI to listen to your users, understand their requests, and take the appropriate action. It feels human because it does the job just as well as a human can - and probably better.

Will this replace my IVR?

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Yes, Pam is the perfect solution for answering calls of all types. Traditional IVR and auto-attendant solutions handle call routing and basic call handling, whereas Pam completely handles calls end-to-end.

Does Pam work for nonprofits of any size?

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Yes! Whether your call volume is 1,000 or 1,000,000 calls per month, Pam can reliably scale to meet your demand, giving you the peace of mind and freedom to focus on critical tasks.

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